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After School - sex young horny schoolgir goes wild

"Come on in, Peter," Laura Rogers said with a big smile, "how was school today, dear!?!" "Pretty good, Mrs. Rogers," the eighteen year old replied quickly, "but I was so excited about our session, my mind wasn't really on my studies!!!" "How sweet of you to say that," Laura answered while kissing the young lad on the cheek, "now be a good boy and show me your penis!!!" Hurriedly Peter unbuckled his belt and shoved his jeans and boxer shorts down around is ankles, letting his semi hard penis bounce free from its cotton prison!!! "My, my, "Peter," Laura Rogers whispered in a very husky voice, "you have a beautiful pecker, I could just suck you for hours!!!" "Thank you ma'am," the young man said thickly as the fifty year old matron gently stroked his rapidly expanding erection, "a-are you really gonna suck me!?!" "Do you want me to suck you," she asked softly as a drop of precum hung from the end of his big hard pecker!?! "Oh yes, please," he moaned, "I feel like I'm going to burst!!!"

While still masturbating him softly she asked, "Tell me, Peter, how often do you masturbate, I'm sure that a hard young cock like this needs and awful lot of attention!?!" "Oh, yes," he moaned, "I-I do it at least twice a day, in the morning before school and at night after I go to bed!!!" "Mmmmm, that sounds so sexy," she sighed while fisting his big head, "what do you think about when you're jerking your big cock!?!" "Uh, I usually think about a girl at school," he replied softly!?!" "Which one, dear, what's her name." Laura asked!?! "Becky Gaines," he managed to moan, "s-she's incredibly beautiful!!!" "Have you ever taken her out," Laura asked?!? "Oh, no," he answered quickly, "she'd never go out with me!?!" "Why not," Laura asked, "I'm sure if she ever saw your big cock she's just fall in love with you!!!" "I-I don't know about that," he stammered, "she's awful stuck on herself!!!" "Do you know what she'd do if she were here right now," Laura asked softly?!? "No," he gasped, "what would she do!?!" "Well," the old woman replied under her breath, "I think she'd do this," as she dropped her head and took him into her warm wet mouth!!!

"Oh, yes," he hissed through clenched teeth, "that feels incredible, oh, oh, right there, just under the tip of my dick, oh yeah, right there, mmmmmmmm, yesss!!!" If there was one thing that Laura Rogers adorned, it was having a young hard cock or a cute teenage vagina for her to suck on, and Peter had one of the biggest cocks she had ever sucked!!! Even though he wasn't physically imposing, in fact she guessed he only weighed one hundred forty five pounds or so, she figured at least half of his bulk was centered in his big hard pecker!!! She always measured her boys just to see how they compared, and Peter's nine and a half inch bone was right at the top of the list, and even though he was extremely highly sexed, after three months of once a week sessions, he was finally able to allow her to suck him for extended periods of time without blowing his nut in the first minute!!! And although he had gained a modicum self control over these past months, he was still just a young boy as far as sex was concerned, and now without warning, his whole body stiffened as a gusher of hot cum jetted into the throat of the cocksucking middle aged bitch!!!

"How did that feel, Peter," she asked softly while kissing the head of his still hard erection, "it tasted just wonderful!?!" "Oh, gosh," Mrs. R," he panted, "you know just how to do me, I don't think anything could ever feel that great!!!" Chuckling softly under her breath, Laura Rogers asked softly, "Do you think I'm better than Becky!?!" "She's just a fantasy," he replied as the tension in his grow began to grow anew!!!" "I'm sure that she is, but if she were here right now, what would you do to her," Laura asked teasingly!?! "I guess that I'd fuck her," Peter replied, "I'd love to get on top and just ride her!!!" "Mmmmmm, that sounds wonderful," Laura replied, "but wouldn't you want to suck her sweet little pussy first, I mean just to taste it!?!" "Uhhhhh, yeah," he answered after giving it a moment of thought, "I'll bet she does have a sweet little cunt!!!" "Yes I do," came a voice from across the room, "it's sweeter than any pussy you'll ever eat, I can promise you that!!!" Peter jerked his head around wondering who else was in the room, and much to his surprise and delight, there stood Becky Gaines in just her bra and panties!!!

"W-what are you doin' here, Becky," Peter stammered while his pecker turned into a piece of blue steel!?! "I just wanted to see for myself this super cock that Lauren's been prattling about for the past month and a half," Becky replied, "and from what I can see she hasn't been telling lies out of school, has she!?!" Peter now seemed to be just a bit tongue tied, so Lauren interjected, "Oh, don't let her intimidate you, Peter, she's got this nasty habit of acting so smart, but you should see her begging when she gets her cute little pussy sucked!!!" Becky took her place next to Lauren and stuck out her tongue in a mock put down, but what really held her interest was Peter's massive erection which was bobbing up and down in perfect rhythm with his breathing!!! "See, what did I tell you," Lauren said softly, "just look at this incredible piece of cock flesh, so hard and soft both at the same time!!!" "Can I please touch it," Becky mumbled as her eyes glazing over and her breathing becoming more labored!?! "You'll have to ask Peter," Lauren whispered back to the now shaking eighteen year old!!! "Please, Peter," she begged, "can I hold it just for a minute!?!"

For the first time since Becky had sauntered into the room, Peter realized that it was she who was the one in need and not him, because although he wanted to ride and fuck her, he knew instinctively that she was his for the taking, so he replied flippantly, "Sure, baby, go right ahead, but take it easy, I've only got one!!!" Almost gratefully Becky reached out and caressed his hammer with her soft little hand, bringing a low moan gurgling from his throat that turned into a full fledged groan as she let the big smooth head slip into her warm mouth!!! "Thatta girl," Lauren Rogers said softly while sliding her hand up her dress to finger her big fat hairy cunt, "suck him off, he just loves blowing in your mouth, ohhhhhhh, god, girl suck him off!!!" Peter had been sure that never in his life would he find a cocksucker to compare with Lauren Rogers, but much to his delight, the delicate little blonde with the smart mouth was every bit the equal of her older counterpart, and in some ways she was even better, and if this would have been even a few months ago, Peter would have already blown his load into her hot little mouth, but now that he had a little self control, he gently pulled Becky off his cock and after kissing her full on the lips ordered, "Take off your panties, I wanna suck your cunt!!!"

Becky was almost hyperventilating as she quickly shucked her tiny bikini undies, and then in an overt display of lewdness, she lay down on her back with her legs spread and her hips thrust forward, in an open invitation to his hungry mouth!!! Lauren automatically ran her finger up and down the length of Becky's smoothly shaven slit and commented, "Jesus, she's fucking hot as a fire cracker, she won't last long!!!" Compared to Lauren's huge hair pie, Becky's was small and tight, with just the right amount of plumpness to drive a man crazy with lust!!! "Come to mama," Becky panted while running her hands all over her inner thighs, "suck my pussy you great big fucking stud boy, show me what a good cunt lapper you are, boy!!!" It was unbelievable how Becky felt once again that she was somehow in control, but for the time being that was all right, cuz he really was hungry for her cute little cunt, so just as she demanded he let his tongue snake out and wrap itself around her distended clit, which naturally induced a vicious orgasm to slam into her pussy like a freight train hitting a stalled car on the tracks!!! "Oh, god, suck me," she demanded while grabbing him by the back of the neck and forcing his mouth harder onto her mons, "ohhhhhh, you have such a sweet mouth, Petey, ohhhhhhhhhh do me, lover!!!"

Providing one climax with his mouth was quite enough as far as Peter was concerned, so right in the midst of her next cum, he slid quickly to cover her body with his, and with Lauren reaching down and grabbing his cock, she guided it deftly into the hot little cock hound's cunt, whereupon Peter drove in his nine and a half inch spike until both of their pubic bones were pressing together!!! Seeing the look on Becky's face as his boner invaded her tiny slit was something he would remember forever, but the scream, that is what would always bring him a chill, as the hot little trollop let out an ear splitting yell that nearly broke his ear drums!!! "Sweet jesus in heaven, I'm fucking being split open," she groaned, "ohhhhhh god, I'm fucking having a cunt crushing orgasm, ohhhh mother fucking god I'm cumming!!!" As hot as the little blonde bitch was, Peter wasn't to far behind her as he drove his pecker in and out of her with uncontrolled lust, until reaching that point of no return when his cock head took over and her was just like Becky, that being just along for the ride!!! Lauren looked on with her eyes half closed in an orgasmic induced haze as the two young teenagers fucked like a couple of robots stuck in high gear, and just as Becky threw her legs around Peter's ass locking him in place, all three of them stiffened astheir genitals erupted in a simultaneous explosion of cum and sweat!!!

"Holy smokes," Peter gasped while rolling off the hot pussied little cunt, "I swear you're both trying to kill me!!!" The two women slid together and after kissing each other deeply, Lauren sighed, "Yeah, but what a great way to go, right, Becky!?!" "Right, Lauren, that's exactly right!!!


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