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Dreams Do Come True
He meets his favorite porn star, April Summers.

I have always been an avid porno watcher. I have had lots of fantasy girls over the years and there is one that just sticks out. Her name is April Summers.

The first film I had ever seen of her was a mafia type film where she takes on her boyfriend in the bathroom after she got done with her bath. I was hooked; I was in love, or lust, as some would call it. I just couldn’t get over her long tan legs and her natural beautiful breasts. Not to mention the nice shaved pussy except for the little triangle she keeps above her slit. But what really got me was the fact that she could deep throat a dick with no problem and she looked like she enjoyed it.

I then began to try and find anything and everything I could on this young lady. I found lots of video clips of her on the net and thousands of pictures. I got an AVS and found everything that her company had on her. I was addicted to April Summers in a bad way.

Then one day I went to visit a friend who lived on the east coast. I got as far as Ohio and my car broke down near a small town that was pretty much out in the boonies. Luckily they had a small motel and restaurant that a person could stay in, as it would take a day to get the part for my car that I was looking for. So I checked into the hotel and flirted a little with the girl that was working. She was pretty and had a nice body but she also looked to be a little young and being from out of town I wasn’t willing to take the chance to find out.

I went across the street to the little diner and got some dinner. For a small place and being it was in what I thought as a bad location the food was very good, not to mention the service. There was a beautiful blonde waitressing and she was hot. She could have easily been a model if she wanted to, and she had the most beautiful blue eyes. All the while I was eating my cock was at half-mast as I kept seeing this young waitress on her knees sucking my 8 inch cock. Through idle chat I found out that she was 19 and she was working at the dinner to save money to go to Ohio University in the fall. I also found out that she had to work till 11pm and at this time it was only 6. So I figured that I would go back to the motel and shower and shave and take a little nap and then come back around closing for a snack and ask her out for a drink or something.

So I left her a hefty tip and was walking across the road back to the hotel when I noticed this black mustang parked next to mine. It was one of the newer sporty models and a ragtop to beat. I looked at it and thought, man where have I seen this car before but I just wouldn’t come to me so I went in to my room to take that shower. Once in my room I got thirsty though and I had a bottle of Brandy in my bag so I went out in a search for the motel ice machine. I found it in a room at the end of the building where there was also a pop machine to get the coke I need for a mixer. I opened the door and the first sight I seen had my cock growing to all its might again. Bending over into the ice machine was the most beautiful ass I had seen in a long time. This girl had on some skin tight shorts that were sneaking up into her pussy so far I knew right away that she had to be shaved. She heard the door close behind me and she straightened and turned around to see who it was and I died a thousand heart attacks right there. Standing there in the flesh, right in front of my eyes was my dream girl, the girl that I had jacked off to a thousand times thinking about eating her nice wet pussy. There stood April Summers. I must have shown my major surprise as she smiled and asked me if I was ok. I replied to her that I was just fine, but I just had to ask, but aren’t you April Summers”. She smiled and let me know that she was indeed April Summers. She then asked if I was there to get ice as if so, she had just gotten what was left in the machine and that she would give me some of what she had. I told her not to worry, she could keep it and that I mainly just need soda anyhow (of course I was lying through my teeth). She asked if I was sure and after telling her yes, no problem she gave me a sexy smile and left.

So here I stood, in a motel in the middle of nowhere in Ohio and I have April Summers staying in the room right next to me. Then it hit me where I had seen that car, April had did a photo shoot once with her posing on the car. I got myself a couple of sodas to mix with my brandy and went back to my room with one of the biggest hard-ons that I had ever gotten in my life. I got back to my room and stripped off my clothes and laid down on the bed and started stroking my hard cock while thinking of that nice ass I had just seen right in front of me. I laid there stroking my cock for about 20 minutes, thinking about all the things I wanted to do with April the whole time, when just as I was about to cum there was a knock on my door. I cursed whoever it was and got up and put on my robe. I went to the door and opened it ready to give whoever interrupted my fantasy of April a piece of my mind when actually there stood the object of my fantasy. She had came over to give me what was left of her ice as she used what she wanted and thought it would be the nice thing to do. I must have showed the embarrassment that I was showing cause she asked if I was ok as I was pretty red in the face. I assured her I was fine. I thanked her for the ice and she was about to leave when all of a sudden my cock decided it didn’t want to be hidden anymore and popped out of my robe sticking up straight at her. I saw her eyes widen and then a smile on her face, as she looked up at me and said that was a beautiful sight. I was so embarrassed as I tried to get a hold of my cock with its own mind and put it back under my robe, April reached up and pushed me lightly into my room and stepped in and closed the door. She then took an ice cube out of the cup I was holding put one in her mouth and dropped to her knees in front of me and started to give me a blowjob. Now, anyone that has ever had a girl give you a blowjob with ice in her mouth knows that it is one of the best sexual feelings that a person could ever have. She sucked on my cock as if it was the last one she was ever going to get. Then she started to deep throat me the way I knew she could all the while looking up into my eyes. After being on the verge of cumming when she knocked I couldn’t hold back and told her that I was cumming and she just looked at me and smiled around my cock and pulled it out till just the head was left in her mouth and stroked me to one of the most intense orgasms that I have ever had. She swallowed every drop that I gave her and it was about 6 great shots. She then played with the head and licked and sucked every last drop out of me. I couldn’t handle it and I reached down and brought her up to me and kissed her right on the mouth sticking my tongue straight into her mouth. Tasting my cum on her lips and tongue. I know to a lot of guys that is a turn off. But with me, it comes out of my body and the girls seem to like it so I have no problem tasting my own cum off their mouth.

I slowly backed her to the bed in my room and lifted her shirt up over her head and off. I just stared at the beautiful natural breasts for a little bit then dropped down and captured one of her beautiful nipples in my mouth. I heard her gasp and say oh yes and she grabbed my head and pulled it tighter to her tit. I laid her down on the bed and then worked the skintight shorts down her long sexy legs and off her. I looked down at her lying there just in her thong and just smiled. I hooked my fingers in her thong and then slid that down off her to. I then got on my knees on the side of her bed and took one of her sexy feet into my hand and and started rubbing her feet. She just tilted her head back and moaned that it felt so good. I then started licking her toes and foot and worked my way up her leg and to that beautiful shaved pussy of hers. She spread her legs for me and I slowly licked my tongue from her asshole all the way to her clit. I then started to lick and suck on her pussy and slid a finger into her pussy and started finger fucking her as I licked and sucked her clit. She wrapped her long legs around my head and held me tight to her pussy moaning and groaning the whole time. I kept this up, as she tasted so good that I never wanted to leave. After about 5 minutes I heard her catch her breathe, then she screamed that she was cumming and started to shake, then she started to wiggle all over the place. I thought she was going to break my neck from the way she was jerking my head around but it was well worth it. Then just as I was about to work my way back up her body to fuck her I decided to suck that clit one last time and it threw her into another intense orgasm, she screamed that she was cumming again, then all of a sudden my mouth started to fill up with liquid. I though at first she was pissing in my mouth but the taste was way to sweet. I then remembered that when having an intense orgasm April was a squirter. I swallowed what I could and then when she was calming down and the last bit squirted into my mouth I held it in my mouth and moved up and kissed her and let it slide into her mouth. She groaned and pulled me tighter to her and licked every drop that was around my mouth up and off of my mustache. She then looked me in the eyes and said, “Fuck me, and fuck me hard”. Never to be one to let a girl down I slammed my once again rock hard cock deep into her in one stroke. She tilted her head back and groaned that it felt so good. I then kept fucking her in and out with long hard stokes. She kept looking me in the eyes with her patented April smile and I kept fucking her. Sliding all 8 inches deep into her then sliding all but the head out and slamming it back in again. She then told me she wanted to be on top so without pulling out we rolled over so she was on top. She rode me while facing me for a while and I was sucking on her tits as they hung in my face. Then she spun herself around and started to ride me while facing my feet. She then got up on her feet, squatting on me and started to ride me hard, slamming herself up and down my cock. I was again on the verge of cumming, and I told her so. She cried out to hold on for just a bit as she was almost there. I held on for about another 30 seconds and then just as she screamed that she was cumming and wanted me to cum inside her I exploded. Once again, 6 great shots exploded deep inside her. Then as I was just about done cumming she started to slide up and down my still hard cock real fast and was playing with her clit while she did. She screamed that she was cumming again and came in the most intense orgasm that I had ever seen. I felt my cock and balls start to get wet and realized that I had made her squirt again. As she was coming down from her orgasm she slipped me out of her turned around and laid down next to me and gave me a deep long French kiss. Then she pulled up and looked me in the eyes and told me that was some intense sex and asked me if I ever thought about being a porn star. As I was about to give her my answer she then said, “By the way, what is your name.”?


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