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Debbie's Party Treat
His wife watching fantasy becomes a reality.

Not dissimilar to many of your readers I have always fantasised about my wife fucking with other men. Although Debbie is incredibly liberated she has always kept it just between her and me. We often fuck while watching extreme hardcore porn movies and fantasise about her being in them but she would never actually do it. However, I did start to get her to go out on occasions dressed very provocatively and this progressed until she would go out in some outrageously sexy outfits; very short skirts, see through blouses, no knickers etc.

Well a couple of Christmas’ ago we went out for a meal at a pub that we had not previously been to. Debbie agreed to dress sluttishly for the occasion and I was not disappointed. She wore a very short black lace mini dress designed to have a black cotton slip worn underneath. However, she wore it without the slip meaning everything underneath was pretty well exposed. Thus, her sheer black lace bra and G-string panties together with stockings, suspenders and black high heel shoes gave her the effect of a slutty street whore – just how I like it.

A couple of G&Ts for her later and we were in the car and on our way. She had slipped a coat over her outfit (disappointing but understandable) until she felt comfortable enough in her surroundings. Well the pub was heaving with partygoers and we were lucky to find a seat in a darkened corner. I got her a bottle of Pills (more Dutch courage) and gave her the news that we would not be able to get a table to eat. Well what with the 2 gins and bottle of Pills on an empty stomach she started to relax a little. It was her turn to go to the bar and, although she kept her coat on, knowing what was underneath really got me going. I could see her waiting to be served standing next to a group of guys obviously in straight from work. A couple of them started to chat to her and I could see the whole group turn to watch her walk back towards me. Another drink and she was ready to take off her coat, which she did but quickly sat back down. I then asked her to get me some crisps from the bar, I expected a protest or for her to put her coat back on but no, she got up and walked straight to the bar. You could see everything through her dress. Her lacy bra, g-string knickers and her milky white thighs in contrast to her black stocking tops.

Even from where I was sat I could see a visible reaction from the guys at the bar as they crowded around her. I could see her smile and chat to them and I could not believe just how hard my cock felt; it stiffened even more as I saw a hand go on her arse. She didn’t move away but simply carried on chatting to the group. This carried on for a couple of minutes until she was served and returned to me amidst a chorus of wolf whistles. She looked flushed and I suddenly saw how hard her nipples had become.

After that there was no stopping her and she was up to the bar several times with the same reaction each time. On the final occasion she was at the bar a good ten minutes leaving me to get hornier and hornier. Just as she turned to come back one of the guys produced some mistletoe and held it above her head. He leant forward and kissed her hard on the lips running his left hand over her tits as he did so. He stopped abruptly and passed the mistletoe on and she allowed herself to be snogged and groped by the whole group – about 8 guys in total. As she pulled herself away from the last of them the first guy who kissed her stopped to whisper in her ear. She staggered back over to me and told me abruptly that we were going to a party. Somewhat, shocked I stood up on shaking legs with my heart pounding but my cock was ready to burst. We joined the group of guys and left the pub. I told them that Debs and I would follow them in my car but the main guy insisted that Debs go with them. So she climbed in the backseat of a car with a couple of guys with another 2 in the front. 3 of the guys got into a nearby car and the last said he would come with me to show the way. As we set off following the other 2 cars my mind was a whirr of emotions wondering just what was going to happen.

I should at this stage describe the guys who, on reflection, were a bit of a motley bunch. The guy who initiated it all was perhaps mid 30’s tall well built and handsome. Debbie was clearly attracted to him. There were a couple of younger lads one perhaps early 20s the other 18 or 19. The others in the 2 cars in front ranged from 40 – 50 while the guy in with me was hitting 60 and was a good 3 or 4 stone overweight with tattooed arms. Anyway as we followed along he told me to pull over by a late night off license as he had promised to pick up some beer. By the time he had finished we were a good ten minutes behind the others. I had some concern for her but by this stage my whole body was thudding in rhythm to the pounding in my cock.

It seemed like an age but eventually he pointed out a semi-detached house and I could see the other 2 cars parked out the front with another couple in the driveway. I parked up and followed the big guy up the drive. As we walked into the main lounge instead of being hit by a wave of music as is normal at Christmas parties I was hit by the sound and vision of a porn movie showing on a huge TV screen. It was already part way through and basically was set in a dirty sports changing room where a gang of black guys were gang banging a young white girl. Pulling my gaze away from this scene I scanned the room for Debbie.

The sight that greeted me nearly blew my mind and my cock! She was sat back in an armchair with her legs spread wide over each arm. Her dress was nowhere to be seen and her bra had been yanked down to expose her beautiful tits. A guy sat on either arm of the chair mauling her tits with their hands and mouths. The youngest of the lads was knelt between her legs eating furiously at her pussy. Her head was thrown back and her lips were parted as she moaned gently. I looked round to see the other guys plus a few extras (now 11 + me) sitting watching and in most cases with cocks out wanking. The film itself was being ignored by all the blokes but Debbie was watching intently as the young girl submitted to a triple penetration. I decided there and then to take a seat and watch whatever happened without interruption – although what I could have done to stop anything with 11 guys I don’t know.

Next thing one of the older guys, in his 50s, had stripped off and was standing by Debbie’s chair stroking her face with his hand and wanking his cock. Debbie suddenly took her eyes from the film and was clearly brought out of her trance by the sight of a now hard fat cock just an inch from her face. Initially, she tried to sit up and push the cock away but the 2 guys groping her tits pushed her back squeezing her tits tight in the process. As she opened her mouth to protest the guy standing in front thrust forward and pushed a good 4 of his 6 or so inches into her mouth. The young lad was by now furiously finger fucking her cunt with at least 3 fingers and sucking hard on her clit. She gave up any sign of protest and began to suck hard on the cock in her mouth. In perfect timing just as the young girl on the screen took a load over her face the guy pulled his cock out of Debbie’s mouth and let fly 3 or 4 spurts of thick spunk over her face. To my amazement she opened her mouth to take the last couple of jets and then sucked him back in side to clean him off. With little warning the 2 tit gropers pulled her off the chair and put her down on her hands and knees in front of the TV screen. I was going to be treated to a real live gangbang with a porn one in the background. I settled back in my chair with my cock out stroking it gentle; I didn’t want to come yet!

Over the next hour I watched in fascination as these 11 guys fucked my wife. It was even better then the porn films, as the guys didn’t hold back trying not to come. They simple kept her on her hands and knees with one fucking her mouth and one her cunt. The guys in her cunt fucked her as hard as they could and I could hear the slap of their thighs and hips against her arse cheeks. The guys came as soon as they were ready either in her cunt or some pulled out and swapped with the guy fucking her mouth shooting their cum over her face or in her mouth.

Soon there were just 2 left the fat 60 year old and the one she had fancied. The fat guy had stripped off to reveal a short but fat cock. The other guy was as I expected lean and well muscled. The fat guy took up his position behind her but instead of plunging straight up her cunt he started to rub his cock all around her cunt and arse lubricating on all the spunk so far left there. He then started to probe it against her arse hole. As she realised he was going to fuck her virgin arse she started to pull away. The guy in front grabbed her shoulders to keep her in position and started to push his big cock into her mouth. Suddenly, the guy behind pushed hard and the one fucking her face pushed her back resulting in the first 2 inches of fat guys cock burying itself in her arse. They held her still to let her acclimatise to the anal intrusion and then fat guy started to push the rest of his 5 inches up inside. He was soon fully in and then started to fuck her arse with a firm but slow rhythm.

The guy in front pulled her more upright and started to slap his cock against her tits. Then came the horniest moment of the night so far. Debbie, who had been looking up and into to the eyes of handsome all the while cupped her hands underneath her tits and held them up for him. First, he continued to slap them with his cock. Then he pushed her hands down to her side and told her not to move them. All the while she continued to look directly at him seemingly to say ‘I am yours’. He then started to slap her tits from side to side with his right and left hand. The sight and sound of his hands impacting her tits was threatening to send me over the top. He kept this assault up for a good 2 mins and not once did she move her hands to protect her tits. In fact her right hand was now a blur as she rubbed herself to a massive orgasm. As she started to cum he stopped punishing her tits and started to spurt all over them. Finally, the guy fucking her arse pulled out and walked round to her face. Without hesitation she opened her mouth and sucked him inside. Within 30 seconds her cheeks puffed out and I could tell she was tacking another load down her throat.

That was it I could wait no more I was up and naked pushing her onto her back and climbed on and started to fuck her. At the same time I started to lick and suck her very red, cum covered, tits. As I fucked her I noticed several of the guys crowding round wanking hard and furiously. Debbie and I both got sprayed with what seemed like gallons of cum. I even deliberately lifted my face up to one guys cock to take his load direct. As it hit me I squirted long and hard inside her cunt.

Then suddenly it was all over and the two of us rushed to dress still splattered in cum and went to leave. Before we left I was shocked to hear Debbie ask for the handsome guys number!


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